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Important Updates

Important Medical request from OCCS, The 1,2,3,’s of medications here at school;

😀Attention Parents:

1. 😃Our medical office needs all new prescriptions for any medications your child requires here at school for this school year. We are unable to administer ANY Epi pens or other vital meds until we have those administration orders from your doctor. Even if you have meds from last year still at school.

2. 🤗 The medicine Must Be Brought in By the Parent. Never with the child on the bus or if your child is dropped off. This is for their safety.

4. 😎 The medicine must be brought in the original packaging, labeled with the child’s name.

5. 😊Also, you, as the parent, need to include a written note giving us permission to administer the medicine here at school.

🤓 On another note:

Immunizations updates need to be in within 14 calendar days or your child will be unable to attend until they have received the needed immunization.

Also, if you are a new entrant, or received a letter from the health office last June notifying you your child would need a new physical on file we need those by the end of September as well. If your child has seen the doctor, or will see them for their yearly physical soon, please just email me or call the office and I will pass the information on the our health office.
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